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Catalyst & Index Engines partner to deliver information governance & legacy content management solutions

Catalyst Repository Systems Inc, a developer of cloud-based document repositories for ediscovery and other complex legal matters, has announced it has partnered with Index Engines, a provider of enterprise information management and archiving solutions, to enhance its capability to proactively manage legacy data repositories and support proactive corporate information governance efforts.  With this partnership Index Engines will add enterprise class identification, culling and collection from large scale data sources including legacy backup tapes.

This new partnership recognizes the need for organizations to address e-discovery and information governance challenges proactively and manage content that can create long-term risk and liability. The combined expertise and technology of Catalyst and Index Engines finally gives corporations the tools they need to effectively manage these assets and gain visibility into data collections that previously have been difficult to access and discover due to their scale or location.

“There are several key advantages to this partnership,” said John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO. “Having a centralized platform provides direct access to large scale data sources, including legacy ESI, which results in operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced service levels and security.”

Catalyst will work with Index Engines to streamline the process of identifying, preserving and collecting relevant data from large scale data sources, legacy systems and backup tapes to manage the potential liabilities of this neglected content and support information governance policies.

“This partnership will allow our clients to leverage two powerful information management solutions and proactively support policy based initiatives across all data sources, including legacy tape content,” said Jim McGann, vice president of marketing at Index Engines. “We are happy to work with Catalyst and look forward to strengthening our presence worldwide”

Together, Catalyst and Index Engines will provide clients with a powerful option for proactively managing the long-term risks and the costs of managing all enterprise data assets.