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Comment: Why Old School “Eggshell” security no longer hacks it

Here’s a link to an embedded article from The Register on datacenter security and why the old school “eggshell” approach is no longer strong enough given the risks organisations now face. And note the comment about “Law firms with file servers whose entire contents can be deleted by the first person who plugs a notebook into an Ethernet jack on the wall.”


Comment: Law Office Automation or Augmentation

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Kate Simpson, the KM director of Bennett Jones on the law office automation versus augmentation debate.



The July/August issue of the Legal IT Insider is out now – read it here FREE

Welcome to the July/August issue of the Insider which this month carries stories on DLA Piper, Coca-Cola, Howard Kennedy, iManage, Elite & Freshfields PLUS we look at what it takes to be a CIO in the changing legal world AND we have our old favourites – all the latest Wins & Deals and People & Places new hires & moves from around the legal IT world.


Comment: The Luxury of Open Innovation

Open innovation looks beyond internal ideas for innovation, exploring new and external routes to market and means of demarcating brands from competitors. Traditionally, getting a competitive edge required innovating through research and development, being the first to market and ensuring strong IP protection. Open innovation, on the other hand, assumes a more collaborative, and outward-looking approach.


What We Did on Our Holidays – Trying out things so you don’t have to – Part #1

Trying to keep a grip on the work/life balance has always been something I’ve been interested in, particularly as I home office so it is very easy to head up to the office just after breakfast – and still be stuck there in front of the computer 12 hours later (and in my case still in my dressing gown). One approach that sounded appealing is the Pomadoro Technique, which takes its name from those red, tomato-shaped kitchen timers.


Comment: Top 10 Tips on Putting Voice in the Cloud

Cloud computing has taken up a lot of column inches in the past couple of years and has undoubtedly been the buzzword across different industries. Since the publication of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Silver Linings Report (2013) and the Law Society’s cloud guidance (2014) that both specifically addressed the legal sector’s need for guidance on cloud adoption, more and more legal practices throughout the UK have started to embrace the technology and are experiencing the rewards. Satisfied with the increase in flexibility and cost benefits, early movers are deploying voice services and UC (Unified Communications) applications in the cloud.


Ediscovery Comment: IT Offers Key Considerations for Corporate Legal Teams to Effectively Bring Ediscovery Inhouse + 6 point checklist

Unfortunately, while bringing e-discovery in-house sounds like a good idea, many organizations have learned the hard way that it’s not nearly that simple. In fact, many companies have failed at such efforts because traditional on-premise e-discovery solutions turn out to be complex to implement and woefully hard to use and maintain. Worse, they are often not designed specifically for legal teams. Organizations aspire to bring e-discovery in-house, imagining they can put easy-to-use tools in the hands of the people who are most knowledgeable about a case. However, when the software is so complex that it requires technical staff to successfully operate it, it often undermines the original goals of improving efficiency and empowering the legal team.



Concealing data breaches is not a zero risk strategy – how the hacking threat can be countered through collaboration

Many law firms have put considerable resources into cyber security – sometimes in the wake of a breach – while others appear to remain unaware of the scale of the threat posed by attackers. However, the legal sector has a significant role to play in the wider fight against cyber crime, and a cohesive approach is needed to counter the threat. Cyber attacks are the defining threat of the connected age, with lawyers facing heightened risk due to the treasure trove of information they hold.


Comment: BYOD and Surviving an Insecure Cyber Workforce

Employee behaviour is one of the biggest risks facing IT security in the legal sector today. The enormous uptake of the Internet of Things (IOT), wearable technology, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and office-based cloud applications have created many potential vulnerabilities in legal firms’ IT security. Ensuring that employees use this technology securely must therefore be a top priority for legal firms when implementing and reviewing their security procedures.


Comment: Disruptive technologies – a Canadian lawyer’s perspective on the evolution of legal IT

Here’s an article we thought you might be interested in. It is by Toronto-based lawyer Lou Milrad on Disruptive technologies: A Canadian lawyer’s perspective on the evolution of law-practice technology – and first appeared on the IT Business CA blog.


Talking Tech: Charles Christian talks to Liam Flanagan of Enable plc about PitchPerfect

In our latest Talking Tech video, Charles Christian talks to legal IT industry serial entrepreneur Liam Flanagan about his latest venture – Enable PLC (Liam is the founder & CEO of Enable) – and how the company’s flagship product PitchPerfect is transforming the way law firms create new business proposals and pitch documents. This video runs for just under 7 minutes – click on the image and the video will open up in a fresh browser window/tab.



Technology Tips for Absolute Beginners

Interesting article here from Jeff Bennion on the Above The Law blog on technology tips for sole practitioners and smaller law firms – and we love his sarcastic comments on what happens when you run a Google search for illustrations of lawyers using technology!


The June issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now – read it here FREE

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (June 2015 #284) TOP STORIES INCLUDE: Has Elite lost its mojo? – It has not been a good month for Thomson Reuters Elite as firms defect from Enterprise and Elite. Aderant Expert, Peppermint Technology, LexisOne, SOS Connect and Eclipse Proclaim are among the beneficiaries.


Comment: Don’t let hackers see through your windows! – Threats and solutions to the end of Windows 2003 support

Windows 2003 support will end on July 14th 2015, however many law firms remain using Windows Server 2003 machines that will not be migrated by the deadline. For those firms that have not done this due to financial reasons, remember, this isn’t a matter of saving money; not acting could put a law firm at great risk from forceful and targeted cyber attacks.


Talking Tech with Charles Christian: Business Transformation through eBilling – comparing and contrasting the US & UK experiences

In our latest Talking Tech video, Charles Christian leads a discussion on eBilling, comparing and contrasting the experiences of the legal sector in the United States, with those of law firms and inhouse legal teams in the UK and Europe. The panelists are Julia Chain, an independent consultant to general counsel and a former GC of T-Mobile, Martin English, the head of sales for Thomson Reuters Serengeti for the UK & EMEA, and Rob Gitel, the director of sales for Thomson Reuters Serengeti in the United States


An Interview with… Dana Denis-Smith, founder & chief executive of ‘NewLaw’ contract lawyer supplier Obelisk Support

In 2010, former journalist and Linklaters lawyer Dana Denis-Smith founded Obelisk Support, which connects the pool of largely female ex-City legal talent to clients’ real needs for part-time and flexible resources. Dana and the team have since won many awards, including in April being listed in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2015. Here Dana – one of the most forward thinking women in the business – talks to associate editor Caroline Hill about innovation, tech and what the legal market will look like in 10 years’ time.


Using SharePoint out-of-the-box for search – no way!

Here’s an interesting whitepaper (as a 197k PDF) via BA Insight that suggests using Microsoft SharePoint as an out-of-the-box search solution is not a viable option.


Talking Tech: Jan Van Hoecke of RAVN Systems on their move into Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Lawyers

In our latest Talking Tech video, Jan Van Hoecke, the CTO and co-founder of RAVN Systems, talks to Charles Christian about the company’s evolution from the enterprise search sector and emergence as a provider of AI (artificial intelligence) and “cognitive computing” solutions for lawyers.


Passing Clouds: The Cloud Club – Client Consent Not Required ?

Associate editor Caroline Hill looks at the law firms that have joined the private cloud club and asks, should client consent be a prerequisite? As top 200 law firms look for scalable solutions to the exponential growth of data they handle and its associated costs, slowly but surely they are turning towards privately hosted document management solutions, presenting a potentially serious client care challenge. IT departments backed by their partnerships, by bringing in or looking at bringing in what they still often dare not call cloud, are – unusually for the legal sector – ahead of many of their clients, particularly those in regulated industries such as the finance and insurance sectors.


Something For the Long Weekend: Holiday in Yorkshire? The Wolds are Weird!

Just in time for the holiday weekend and the start of the summer… here’s a handy new – and unusual – travel guide to part of Yorkshire. By Insider editor Charles Christian, it looks at the area known as the Yorkshire Wolds and, for the first time, all the strange and mysterious events that have taken place there are pulled together to reveal to the world the secrets of the Wold Newton Triangle – where fact is even weirder than fiction.


The May issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now – read it here FREE

The latest – May 2015 – issue of the Legal IT Insider – along with all the regulars, we take a look at Philips’ insanely great idea for digital dictation in the cloud + we review some of the Inside Legal IT highlights + we have an update on who is winning the timekeeping systems war + we have some quite interesting facts. Next issue out on 24 June.


Comment: Protecting law firm IT systems in times of significant change – including mergers!

When a firm is setting up or closing down offices, or perhaps merging with another, it is vital to identify and address risks to IT systems and data, so that full control of networks and access points can be maintained. Law firms have an ever-increasing dependence on IT and digital connectivity and most rely on uninterrupted access to their case management and time recording solutions.


Comment: How SaaS is changing the Practice of Law

As corporate legal departments struggle to contend with Big Data, varying data types and disparate storage repositories, e-discovery becomes more complicated and costly. To tackle the ever-growing problem of Big Data, lawyers will need to tap into the supercomputing powers of true SaaS.



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