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New video: IT & the future for SMBs

As part of its preparations for LawTech Futures 2013, managed service provider and legal sector specialist has launched a new video focusing on the future of IT for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).


Comment: Give me back my life !

Bad news recently … or is it? Google is retiring Google Reader, used by millions of news junkies but sidelined at Googleplex in recent years in favour of development of Google+. This follows the general trend of users away from feed reading to Twitter and other streaming update services.



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Business development: Digital Marketing Trends for 2013

Melissa Davis of MD Communications predicts that in 2013 the term ‘digital marketing’ will simply become ‘marketing’. Trends to look out for this year include ‘the content economy’ – ‘social sharing’ – and even ‘mobile social sharing’ aka ‘smobile’ !


Comment: Don’t trust the cloud, trust the provider

Andrew Brewerton of EVault says law firms can trust the cloud but it’s the providers they need to worry about – and why it is essential to get clear ansers on Security, SLAs, Financial Stability, Recovery Process and Resilience


Comment: Press regulation – what does it mean for bloggers?

Following news of the new shape of UK press regulation, confusion abounds on whether this will now in fact cover bloggers. Andrew Terry, media expert at Eversheds, comments: “Understandable concerns are being voiced that the new regulatory scheme is drafted so broadly that it will cover bloggers.


Comment: Under the Surface – how does the new Microsoft tablet compare to Apple’s world dominating iPad

With a track record of dominating the business IT world for over two decades, Microsoft certainly has the pedigree but how does the Surface and Windows 8 stack up against the iPad as the next potential business IT favourite?


How to get the best out of your PR advisers

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the average legal PR agency-client relationship lasts as long as a dolphin’s gestation period. About eighteen months.



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Comment: Privacy Legislation Drives Information Governance in Emerging Markets

To coincide with tomorrow’s Janders Dean Legal Knowledge & Innovation Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have an excellent article on privacy legislation in South Africa from Symantec eDiscovery counsel Allison Walton.


Breaking the Subjectivity Barrier at ReInventLaw

Watson JD: Breaking the Subjectivity Barrier was the presentation given by KMStandards CEO Kingsley Martin at the recent Silicon Valley ReInvent Law event.


Opinion: Are Disruptive Technologies the New Normal ?

Justin Hadler of looks at the power and prevalence of ‘disruptive technologies’ and asks if they are now the New Normal


Charles Christian interviewed – boot on the other foot time

The boot is well and truly on the other foot as Brian John Spencer of Elephant Creative interviews Charles Christian on his views about the legal world, social media, life, everything.



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February issue of Legal IT Insider is out now

The February 2013 issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now – you can download the digital edition free of charge.


Jobs: how to stand out from the legal crowd

We’re not sure how this would work in the UK but this is how one Danish lawyer differentiated himself from the competition.


Top 10 Big Data Facts – is it the elephant in the legalit room ?

We received blank stares and nervous laughter from established ‘household name’ legalit vendors when we asked them about Big Data – and if they don’t know, how can they assist their customers?


The role of the Cloud & BYOD in law firms & ediscovery

In recent years, Cloud-based business applications have started to become mainstream for enterprises across many sectors with in 2012 an average of 31% of all IT applications and services being delivered via the Cloud, up from just 7% cent in 2011.


Law firms are ill-prepared for turbulence

In our latest thought leader, George Beaton argues that “Big Law” firms are ill-prepared for the turbulent times they now live in.


Has 2e2 failure put back the cause of outsourcing by a decade?

Over the last couple of years, there has been a…


Edisclosure: be prepared for Civil Procedure Rule 31.5A in April

by Adrian White* The full scope and complexity of an…


Opinion: Legal Traps for Software Developers

Guest article by Grant Esterhuizen of Lester Aldridge LLP The…


LegalTech 2013 – Day One report: ediscovery, Big Data & other musings

JoAnna Forshee of InsideLegal in the US reports on the…


The Evolution of Information Retrieval Technologies

Guest article by Luigi Salzano, Business Services Director – Systems…


A managed print strategy for tangible cost savings – 8 tips

by Simon Hill, Sales Director UK & Ireland, Document Imaging…


Legal IT video: Hogan Lovells on OpenText

Here’s a little video from OpenText featuring Ashley Jones, the…



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