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Conveyancing Comment: Homemovers demand a faster service and many are willing to pay!

Veyo, the home conveyancing portal which will offer an efficient, secure and transparent way of managing the conveyancing process has been developed by The Law Society and global IT solutions specialist, Mastek UK, and is scheduled to launch in Spring 2015. Looking at research from a national survey into the consumer experience of buying and selling a home, Elliott Vigar, CEO of Veyo, highlights what customers are looking for in this increasingly competitive market and how the conveyancing portal will help conveyancers meet their demands…


Worth Reading: Bellefield on 5 Reasons Why Your Timekeeping Policies Will Fail

Here’s a link to an interesting opinion piece by time-recording specialists Bellefield Systems. You can also see more about Bellefield by checking out our recent Talking Tech interview with the company.



Trending: Fifty Shades of Chancery Lane

The top trending story on the Insider website remains the Eclipse + English Law Society deal. You can see our coverage of the story and the subsequent comments by following the two links. (You can tell when a story is serious when commentators include their real names in a post.) Given the release of a certain movie this week plus the fact solicitors have a reputation for being grey men (and women) in grey suits, we’ve had several people suggest we should rename this story 50 Shades of Chancery Lane. The only question is: in this relationship will it be Eclipse or the Law Society that finds themselves blindfolded, naked and handcuffed to a bed?


Comment: Why it’s time for more law firms to turn an IT adversary into an ally  

Outsourcing processes like patent annuities is nothing new and has been commonplace for several decades, but in more recent years the emergence of foreign filing platforms lead by providers such as inovia has enabled another key area of intellectual property to be streamlined. Justin Simpson*, founder of inovia, explains how such IT platforms can help firms make more money from IP…


The January Legal IT Insider newsletter is out now – get it here FREE!

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (January 2015 # 279). Our top stories include: DMS for Law Firms: the state of the market in 2015 – After so many stories from the SharePoint Fan Club and the ShareWhatsThePoint Doubters, we’ve thrown the Insider open to every legal document management systems supplier with a pulse to set out their stalls. We’ve got Microsoft. We’ve got Epona. We’ve got HP WorkSite, NetDocuments and Worldox. And we’ve even got news of a new entrant into the legal DMS market: MetaJure Smart.


The UK Conveyancing Market #2: National Homebuyers Survey Results

Our second story is based on independent national poll on consumer experience of buying and selling a home, sponsored by Veyo, reveals that the waiting aspect of buying a home is the most stressful part of the process. And the single most popular change homebuyers would like to see to improve the process is a faster and quicker service.


The UK Conveyancing Market #1: The Infographic

Here’s the first of two stories this afternoon about the state of the UK conveyancing market. The first is an infographic from Redbrick Solutions on the future growth of conveyancing.



New Law: Keystone opens a virtual door to life at the firm

New-model law firm Keystone Law has announced the launch of a new interactive portal, Law Set Free The online gateway to life at the fast-growing dispersed model firm aims to showcase the benefits of joining Keystone to prospective lawyers, who can gain insight into the support structure and various facilities which that have enabled Keystone to grow to over 150 lawyers.


Comment: The Implications of the Uberisation of Legal Services

Late last year the London business press buzzed about a comment made to the Financial Times (paywall) by Maurice Levy, chief executive of global advertising group Publicis: “Everyone is starting to worry about being Ubered”. Levy was referring to the rise of the freelance economy as an increasing proportion of workers chooses – or is forced – to become self-employed as contractors. Uberisation is not limited to driving taxis, renting rooms, and nursing. Of the professions, Uberisation is most visible in legal services because of the rise and publicity given to what we have dubbed NewLaw providers of legal services.


Thought Leadership: Are Young Lawyers Failing to Master Fundamental Lawyering Skills?

Today’s lawyers are focusing too heavily on written communication at the expense of oral communication, putting at risk mastery of fundamental lawyering skills and impeding efficiency at law firms, according to a group of leading lawyers and tests conducted by BigHand and Nuance Communications. “This generation of graduates and younger lawyers verbalise their ideas and thoughts by putting it on the screen – by typing,” Theodora Ahilas, Principal and Director at Maurice Blackburn, said.


Comment: New Law business models and Start-ups

Here’s a link to an interesting article we spotted over…



Why LinkedIn is for Pimping – a little light reading for the Legal IT weekend

The only point I would question is Kawasaki’s definition of the 5 Ps of Social Media. Facebook is for People – LinkedIn is for Pimping – Pinterest is for Pictures – Twitter is for Perception and Google+ is for Passions. Really? Surely “Pointless” would be a better definition for Google+ !


Ediscovery Comment: Want to reduce your eDiscovery costs? Stop hoarding data!

Finding an important document is no longer as simple as heading to the filing cabinet, looking for the right colour-coded label and extracting a paper copy, where the filing clerks neatly put it away in alphabetical order. Digital storage is getting cheaper and the volume of electronic documents created each year is increasing rapidly. That means organisations are simply loading more and more data into storage systems, email databases and archives, without taking the time to organise their information.


Talking Tech with Charles Christian: Time Recording #5 with Kaye Sycamore of Intapp

Welcome to the fifth and final episode in our new video series Talking Tech with Charles Christian. The theme for this series is Time Recording/Time Capture Technology for Law Firms and this week we are talking to Kaye Sycamore, the Regional Vice President, International, of Intapp Inc – the Intapp Time application is one of the two giants of the global time capture market.


The November/December Legal IT Insider newsletter out now – get it here FREE!

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (November/December 2014 # 278) TOP STORIES INCLUDE: Microsoft DMS – not a dead parrot but a live elephant – So… Microsoft’s Office 365/SharePoint Matter Center legal DMS project. It may not be a dead parrot but the elephant in the room everyone is ignoring is whether this will ever see the light of day as a serious legal document management system? Or, is it little more than a PR exercise and vaporware? We should find out by 2016 but that may not be a sound DMS procurement strategy!


Well its only the taxpayers’ money part #97

Here’s another interesting link, this time from the BBC reporting on a House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report into UK government outsourcing. Feel free to be outraged when you read that the Ministry of Justice was outsourcing additional contracts to G4S and Serco at the same time the Serious Fraud Office and the City of London Police were investigating claims that G4S and Serco had overcharged the MoJ on previous contracts. Apparently the MoJ thought it was OK because the companies said they were “sorry” and paid back £180 million!


Comment: Why Legal Tech startups have a short history but a bright future

Here’s an embedded link to a TechCrunch story we originally ran on Twitter over the weekend – definitely worth reading…


Something for the Legal Weekend: Why homeworking lawyers are also bare, naked lawyers!

UK office tech specialists Altodigital recently conducted a survey of 200 UK lawyers and law firm staff to gain a better understand the technological and operational challenges faced by law firms when it came to remote and mobile working. Among the quirkier finding were the fact people in the legal sector are far more likely to work from home naked than people in any other sector (20%) which means that lawyers up and down the country could be brokering deals and offering client advice while partially clothed! A slightly more modest 22% preferred to stay in their dressing gown or pyjamas while working and, interestingly, men are twice more likely than women to dress in smarter ‘office wear’ while WFH.


Talking Tech with Charles Christian – Time Recording #3: Daniel Garcia of Bellefield

Welcome to the third episode in our new video series Talking Tech with Charles Christian. The theme for this series is Time Recording/Time Capture Technology for Law Firms and this week we are talking to Daniel Garcia, a co-founder and the CTO of Bellefield Systems, best known in this market for its iTimeKeep solution.


Comment: Which cloud model is the right choice for your core practice management applications?

Here’s a brilliant article explaining everything you need to know about the pros and cons of the different forms of cloud computing, including Private On-Premise Cloud – Hosted Private Cloud – Public Cloud – Hybrid Cloud


Comment: Top Five Tips for Better IP Budgeting in 2015

Corporations and their outside counsel know it is important to manage intellectual property (IP) portfolios well, but accurately forecasting the costs needed to make that happen is notoriously difficult. Budgeting for IP costs is always hard because of the complexities involved. For example, patent owners will generally make applications in several markets where they wish to protect their invention and restrict competitors. Each market may have different fees, requirements, prosecution times, time to grant, and ongoing renewal or maintenance costs. Indeed, there are so many variable factors that, at times, it seems the only certainty in IP budgeting is the very uncertainty of it all. Both corporations and law firms can improve their IP budgeting accuracy and increase the speed and efficiency of the process by following these five tips.


Talking Tech with Charles Christian – Time Recording #2: Phil Wedgwood on Rekoop

Welcome to the second episode in our new video series Talking Tech with Charles Christian. The theme for this series is Time Recording/Time Capture Technology for Law Firms and this week we are talking to Phil Wedgwood, the CEO of Rekoop. In subsequent episodes we’ll also be hearing from Bellefield, LexisNexis and Intapp. This video runs for just under 14 minutes however the platform we are using has a DvD-like menu system so you can easily locate and jump between individual ‘chapters’ rather than have to fast-forward/rewind to find the sections you want to view again.


Social Media Comment: Why Facebook for Work makes LinkedIn LuckedOut

I can’t get enough of Social Media. I’ll admit it. There aren’t enough free slots in my day to tap into the ether of other people’s business and snoop their news, work gripes and media opinions and whilst all the platforms offer “engagement” of varying intensities and worth, they respectively suit some demographics as well being totally inappropriate for others.



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