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Comment: The Trouble with the Big Law business model – by George Beaton

What is being called the Big Law business model is in trouble. And it’s not unreasonable to ask if we are witnessing the last days of the Big Law business model.


Data Security in the Snowden Era #2 – Seeing PRISM & Metadata in a new light

In the second of our two articles today on data security in the Snowden Era, Michael Susong of Litéra talks about metadata in the light of the latest revelations about the activities of the US government agency PRISM…



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Data Security in the Snowden Era #1 – Double Blind Encryption

In the first of two articles today on data security in the Snowden Era, Mike Batters* talks about cloud-based email storage security in the light of the growing demand for double blind encryption from law firms…


Strange Days on Planet Smartphone Tablet

Over the last 24 hours we’ve seen the news that Blackberry is about to be sold for $4.7 billion by 4th November (no jokes about bonfires of vanities please, they are selling off their new executive jet) unless they can get a better offer. (Apparently the UK had until recently the most loyal user-base).


ChristianUncut: Mimecast show how to make your company look like Scrooge McDuck

In a rare example of a marketing #fail, Mimecast used last week’s Alternative Legal IT Conference (at the Crowne Plaze Heythrop Park) as a masterclass on how not to sponsor an event. There really is no such thing as a free lunch – or at least the drinks that go with it!


Pete ‘n’ Charles reprise their futurist double act – you didn’t see that coming!

Consultant Peter Owen of Lights-On Consulting and Insider editor Charles Christian did a reprise of their futurist double act at last week’s Alternative Legal IT Conference. Starting with a review of the predictions they made the last time they were on stage together two years ago (Pete Owen gave himself a modest 85% success rate, whereas Christian went all Simon Cowellesqe claiming he was 115% accurate on his predictions) they then went on to look at the “next big things” in law firm technology they thought would be making waves over the next couple of years.


New infographic: where graduates want to work

Interesting infographic showing who students currently regard as the world’s…



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UnCut Comment: KM and document automation – preaching but not converting

The biggest successes in law office automation have always been the no-brainers. Projects where the benefits of the new technologies (such as wordprocessing and digital dictation) are so obvious they outweigh any reservations and are embraced by users without a fight – not least because they don’t seek to supplant the end-user but merely bring efficiencies to tasks they’ve always done. All of which prompts the question: why has there been no similar success in the fields of document drafting and knowledge management?


Internet Newsletter for Lawyers September/October 2013 – OUT NOW!

We’re pleased to tell you that the latest issue of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is now published.


Something for the weekend: we go down memory lane with Phoenix and Philips

It is a little trip down legal IT memory lane this weekend with Phoenix Business Solutions and Philips…


Comment: Where is your data and how secure is it?

With David Miranda set to take legal action against the UK over his detention and the seizure of his electronic equipment, data security and surveillance has once more been placed high on the agenda of individuals and businesses alike.



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New Business Friday: Building Brands on Purpose – or your logo is not your brand

“Brand” is not a four-letter word – though you wouldn’t know it from listening to how most law firms react to the idea. When we ask our legal clients about the state of their firms’ brands we hear a lot of different things: we hear sighs; we hear groans; we hear the stupefying silence of complete indifference. Branding is rarely a serious component of business development strategy for law firms unless there is a clear and present need to take immediate action – for example, after a merger.


Comment: Fool Me Twice, Won’t Be Fooled Again

I read with great interest the recent Legal IT Insider/Orange Rag report about ADERANT’s new strategy entitled Aderant move away from point solutions. In the article, its states that feedback from ADERANT customers to them is as follow: ‘One issue that keeps cropping up is where firms have bought multiple third-party solutions and then have to maintain the integrations.’ And ADERANT’s response? ‘to become the source for more and more already integrated applications, so firms don’t need to use third-party point solutions; Aderant will either develop the solutions inhouse or acquire other existing businesses and add their products to the Aderant portfolio.’ Stunning. The response, and the strategy, is wrong on so many levels.


Comment: why the Cloud market is so limited in the legal IT sector – UPDATE



Comment: ABS – should you hit the brakes or harness a new business & IT revolution?

ABS puts the legal and insurance sectors on a collision course for convergence.
 So should you hit the brakes or harness an accelerating business and technology revolution? 


Comment: preparing for DDoS in the legal sector

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a growing concern for legal firms. Regularly orchestrated by a single person, these attacks infect computers around the world and use these compromised devices to attack a website. In the short term your site will be knocked offline, but it can also cause serious damage to back end systems.


Something for the Weekend – let’s spam ’em like crazy

I think we are all familiar with this scenario!


Comment: Law firms think they can’t be substituted. New entrants are delighted!

Over 30 years ago Harvard Business School’s Michael Porter wrote his first and most famous book on Competitive Strategy. Knowledge of what a substitute is and why the economics of its business model are so dangerous are no longer curiosities for those studying at business school. But law firms still do not realise the magnitude of the threat posed by substitutes.


Comment: Managing security and the implications of BYOD

Wireless devices are not just staying at home. They are coming from the shopfloor, into work and into the boardroom. Quite simply, anywhere that people go, their wireless devices are going along for the ride. While corporate wireless networks may be experiencing more demand now than ever before, the truth is that this is just the beginning and law firms will have no choice but to adapt their strategies and working practices in response.


Comment: Campaign for Real SaaS – at the tipping point?

Next Gen SaaS is here now For solos and small firms, that is. This became apparent to me for the first time this March in Chicago. We were exhibiting as usual at ABA TechShow – and I was quickly struck by the attendees’ collective receptiveness to SaaS. It was a noticeable change over the show a year earlier.


Comment: Keeping a healthy step ahead of the regulators

In these days of difficult economic circumstances, legal budgets, like all others, are limited. This includes litigation budgets, and, accordingly, companies are thinking twice before investing in legal action. The regulators, however, are keeping busy, and with the high fines that they are able to impose, a regulatory enquiry will always spur a company’s legal advisors into action.


Call centres – Hmm… this seems familiar

Following our story earlier this week about the UK’s least…


Comment: Legal Blogging: understanding the form

by Brian John Spencer * Charles Christian wrote what I…




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