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Riverview Law announces virtual legal assistants powered by ‘Kim’

Riverview Law has today announced that as of Q1 in 2016 it will be launching a series of legal virtual assistants powered by ‘Kim’ technology – short for knowledge, intelligence and meaning.

Kim is based on the platform of New Jersey-based document automation business CliXLEX, which Riverview acquired in August 2015. Kim is also based on output from Riverview’s R&D unit and builds on its partnership with the University of Liverpool, which it entered into in January of this year to leverage the University’s artificial intelligence capability within the legal sector.

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Risk Management, Ediscovery & Compliance: Putting chat in the spotlight – analysing Instant Messaging in the Age of Connectivity

While regulatory enquiries are never a welcome development to begin with, they are particularly troubling for organisations without adequate internal compliance programmes and tools to handle large volumes of company data for eDisclosure and internal investigations. In the face of such enquiries or lawsuits, identifying and presenting key communications is a critical issue. And as the LIBOR scandal shows, instant messaging (IM) conversations are now a substantial component of that need.

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Risk Management: Survey suggests compliance professionals finding compliance now major source of risk – new due diligence platform may help

Compliance is becoming so complex that today’s compliance professionals are concerned about how the function will protect businesses in future. That is according to new research from The Risk Advisory Group which surveyed more than 200 compliance professionals across a range of global businesses. Called The Compliance Horizon, the survey reveals that the majority (83%) of compliance professionals feel that compliance has become more complex in the past two years.

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Ten ways to transform your legal department

Mitratech’s chief executive Jason Parkman has published a comprehensive ‘10-steps guide’ for corporate legal departments that he promises will “transform your legal department from a company cost center into the best-run business unit in the organization.”

Corporate counsel are increasingly looking to embrace technology, generate revenue, and manage their risk exposure and brand, particularly in the face of the rise of internet exposure and social media.

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Insider website has a navigation refresh!

Today sees the introduction of some changes to the Insider website navigation to make it easier for visitors to keep track of the stories that really matter to them.

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Analytics, meet content: LexisNexis acquires Lex Machina

In an acquisition that brings together cutting edge analytics with a trove of content, LexisNexis has acquired litigation data mining company Lex Machina, which through its Legal Analytics platform provides insights about judges, lawyers, parties and patents from IP litigation.

The Silicon Valley company, which says it has so far been inhibited from expanding its services due to a lack of content, delivers a software-as-a-service platform that helps lawyers predict the behaviours and outcomes of different legal strategies by mining, tagging and categorising millions of Federal court dockets and documents.