Cary Burch, the president and managing director for Thomson Reuters Elite, has been promoted to the role of Corporate Senior Vice President of Innovation for the entire Thomson Reuters group.

TR Group CEO Jim Smith commented… “We have asked Cary Burch to help champion and promote innovation across the company. Most recently, Cary served as president and managing director for Thomson Reuters Elite, and he brings significant experience and a passion for innovation and collaboration.

“Cary will partner with innovation champions from across the company – those leaders who have successfully implemented innovations and driven organic growth. They will work together to support and shine the spotlight on new ideas, celebrate ground-breaking work and encourage dialog. To that end, we will soon be launching a weekly feature on The Hub to highlight top innovations and the people who make them possible.

“To drive innovation broadly, we must tap into the collective creativity and intellectual horsepower of our talented people. Together, we can generate cutting-edge ideas and solve problems from across the company. Stay tuned to learn how you can get involved in the weeks and months ahead.”

IMG_0292 copyCary Burch (in orange, pictured at an Elite conference – it was a fancy dress party!) added “As innovation has become the new organic growth engine for TR, I’ve been asked to lead the whole show …and the show it is named the Innovation Network which is an internal show focusing on ground breaking innovations and the people that make it happen!  I will get to work with internal innovators and leading external innovators to transform Thomson Reuters as a whole!”

We are unreliably informed that our second picture shows Cary and his new team commuting to work. (Younger readers please Google The Jetsons to understand this remark.)

COMMENT: Joking aside, congratulations Cary, as it has been on his watch that Elite steered its way out of the doldrums of the early Elite 3E implementation problems. Incidentally, the Insider will be be publishing its own guide to innovation within the legal industry during the first quarter of 2014.