HotDocs, the Utah and Scotland-based document generation technology specialist, has been named a Cool Vendor in 2014 for content management by Gartner, the IT analyst organization. Each year, Gartner offers Cool Vendor status to a few select vendors in several different technology classifications. In the content management space for 2014, Cool Vendor status is reserved for technology companies that provide IT and business buyers with “innovative solutions to help them secure, share and facilitate complex content creation.” HotDocs is one of five content management vendors in 2014 to be recognized as a Cool Vendor.

“We are excited to be recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor,” commented Russell Shepherd, the company’s CEO. “We believe HotDocs is at the top of the document generation class and is expanding the envelope far beyond the assembly of lengthy and complex documents. In its 2014 Cool Vendor report, we feel Gartner has hit upon what makes HotDocs powerful and unique, a cloud-based architecture that facilitates the embedding of HotDocs process apps within 3rd-party web environments. This advanced level of interoperability is not only cool; it’s disruptive. We believe that HotDocs’ technology aligns well with Gartner’s nexus of forces and that it provides a much needed standard among the ECM vendors for structured content creation.”