Time to promote some more charitable causes…

Coming up: Martyn Best, the CEO of Document Direct is aiming to cycle to Paris over three days, starting 26 September. He says “I will be cycling from Liverpool (via train) to London and then to Paris (via Ferry). Despite the apparent major use of public transport there is also a bit of cycling involved – about 280 miles !”

If anyone wishes to Martyn, check out www.justgiving.com/icycleforNYAS – NYAS (the National Youth Advocacy Service) is a charity that helps children who are in care with legal advice or advocacy of any kind.

Team Eclipse

And congratulations to all 27 members of Team Eclipse, who recently completed the Blockbuster charity 14-mile hike across the Yorkshire Dales. The hikers experienced all weather seasons – from heavy rain and gale-force winds, through to welcoming sunshine – whilst tackling the arduous route which included a 418-step climb up Malham Cove.

Eclipse’s nominated charity for the event was for the Barth Syndrome Foundation. BST is dedicated to saving lives through education, advances in treatment, and finding a cure for Barth syndrome, a sometimes fatal, oftentimes debilitating genetic disease affecting boys. Team Eclipse raised over £2000 for the charity, and would like to thank all of those who kindly made donations. And yes, Eclipse did take a dog with them but it’s all right, his bark is worse than his byte.