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We always like to give a plug to organisations whose hearts are in the right place and are offering something of value and interest to the market, so please check out these people – the organisation has been set up by Rob Ameerun…

Legal IT on LinkedIn
Social networking is still gaining popularity. One of the leaders in this field is LinkedIn. Millions of people actively maintain their professional profile and connect to business partners, colleagues and friends around the world. Recently LinkedIn polished up their group functionality. It has become easier to find and join groups aimed at specific expertise or interests. Also the legal IT community links together via the “Legal IT Professionals” group, a rapidly growing community of IT specialists and managers who have experience in the legal industry.
If you’re already on LinkedIn and would like to join this community, you can directly go to and hook up with your colleagues around the world.
Also nice to visit is the associated website that has been setup at
which you can find a selection of the latest legal IT news and events,
a summary of relevant legal IT links, columns from legal IT
specialists*, and relevant job openings.

* Orange Rag editor Charles Christian has just signed up to write a regular column.