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Chicago law firm swaps out iManage for NetDocuments

NetDocuments, a cloud DMS and content management provider, just announced that Chicago law firm Ungaretti & Harris has switched from Autonomy’s iManage Filesite to NetDocuments for their document, email and content management service.

“The switch to NetDocuments improves our technology which will help us increase productivity and collaboration within the firm, as well as allow us to continue to support the firm’s goal of providing a top tier service to our clients and offering the latest technology to our people,” Charlie Altenbach, Director of Information, stated.

Charlie continues, “We had been using iManage for several years and we began discussing what the document management plan was going to be moving forward. As we discussed the options, there was a realization among my team and technology committee that the legal industry is moving in the direction of leveraging web applications like NetDocuments to increase productivity and improve the legal practice. The more we looked at NetDocuments, the more we realized that it was a serious contender to overtake iManage’s Filesite within the firm. We really needed a modern looking application that was simple for the user, simple for IT, and had a high level of availability. It was a combination of these that ultimately led to the decision to make the switch.”

Ungaretti & Harris anticipated the potential challenge of a technology switch and created an internal campaign to educate the firm’s users on the increased functionality and features NetDocuments would bring to the practice. “Our campaign was a big win for getting user buy-in. We knew enhanced features would really help drive user adoption, so communicating this beforehand was critical. A few of the highlights people loved were the ability for our users to mark favorite documents and key workspaces, giving quick and easy mobile access to all areas of the system, and allowing users to organize items on a customizable user homepage,” Charlie commented. “Not just the features, but the overall flexibility in the application, which is something we didn’t have in the previous system is making a huge impact. It really validated to us and our people that we had made the right decision in making the switch.