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Chris Dale says UK lawyers where are you?

Readers with an interest in e-discovery/e-disclosure and litigation support will be familiar with Chris Dale – and will have no doubt been following his current spell of globe-trotting (The Masters Conference in the US two weeks ago, The LexisNexis E-Discovery conference in Singapore last week).

The next big event on the horizon is the Thomson Reuters E-Disclosure Forum in London on 13 November with Browning Marean, George Socha and Chris Dale as co-chairs. Dale describes this as a “one day, low delegate fee, high content value” conference – however he adds “Anything The Orange Rag can do to encourage UK lawyers and corporate to send people to these events would be appreciated.”

Dale says there are a whole list of developments with a UK context that should be a good reason for attending, including…

• The Jackson Report due before the end of the year

• Digicel -v- Cable & Wireless last year “a judge actually enforcing the Practice Direction to Part 31, with a salutary message for lawyers with any sized case, not just big ones.”

• Our new PD and e-Discovery Questionnaire goes before the Rule Committee in November

• The Judicial College next year

• Increased EU, US and UK regulatory activity, especially in the financial area

• Legal Services Act potential as well as threats eg for MDPs

• “All those Susskind messages about fragmentation of the market for legal services, increased corporate awareness that they could take much of the process in-house, outsourcing of functions which do not require lawyerly input, End of Lawyers? etc.”

• Plus “the usual post-recession rise which favours those who did their planning in the lean times at the expense of those who just sat there and waited”.