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Chris Rose moving on

After some 25 years in the legal IT industry, originally with Videss and latterly as sales director for key accounts with the IRIS Legal group, Chris Rose is moving on. We hear he has picked up a very good opportunity as sales director in the medical/healthcare systems arena working for Arlene Adams' OLM business. Yes, the same Arlene Adams he used work for when she headed up IRIS Legal.

3 replies on “Chris Rose moving on”

sad to see him go, surprised that he isn't going to work with the rest of ex Videss staff…

Chris Rose was far too good for IRIS. They failed to make use of his vast experience ( He was instrumental in taking Videss from a small organisation to becoming one of the best respected legal suppliers in the UK.) of the legal market preferring to use their own people instead. Glad to hear he is much better valued by OLM.

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