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Christian Uncut: Death – and Anonymity – by Powerpoint

Charles Christian’s Blog

OK, we’ve all heard about Death by PowerPoint – but here’s a worse fate: Obscurity by PowerPoint. No we all know that ‘corporate’ slide-decks tend to follow a template with the first couple of slides (if we are lucky, many more if we are unlucky) devoted to who the presenter is and his or her firm/company/organisation/whatever plus a final slide with the contact details. But what else?

How about – given the propensity for conference delegates these days to tweet the proceedings of conferences and seminars – including your own Twitter address/handle AND the event’s #hashtag to make it easier for people to spread the word. Afterall, if you are going to the time, trouble, effort and expense of preparing and delivering a presentation, why not maximise your publicity opportunities?

If you don’t do this… well at one recent event in Sweden, a presenter was clearly using a template slide and at the bottom were the words Navn Navnesen – which all the Brits in the audience assumed was the presenter’s name (he was a late addition to the schedule and so wasn’t mentioned in the delegate information pack). Turns out Navn Navnesen is Norwegian printer’s pie for Name Nameson or John Doe and means ‘insert name here’. Whoops, anonymity by Powerpoint.