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Chrome River announces availability of Capture service

Chrome River Technologies, a provider of online expense reporting and automated invoice processing, announced today the availability of Chrome River CAPTURE, a service that automates the front-end receiving, handling, digitizing, and data entry process for vendor invoices. CAPTURE is a complementary service to Chrome River INVOICE as part of the full cost control suite.

CAPTURE eliminates the labor intensive handling and manual data processing of invoices and dramatically lowers costs. The service outsources the non-core activities and allows your accounts payable process to focus on the value-add of visibility and control. Chrome River handles all of the requirements of personnel and sophisticated technology to support invoice intake processing, which allows organizations to quickly scale up or down as needed.

With CAPTURE, vendors send invoices to a dedicated PO Box, email or fax number. The rest of the process is handled by the secure CAPTURE processing center. All invoices are gathered, opened, separated, prepped and scanned with high-quality imaging hardware and software. The invoice data is then extracted using intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR). A double quality control process using human verification ensures a 99.5% accuracy rate.

The digital invoices and data are delivered securely to the Chrome River INVOICE service accessible by the customer within one business day of receipt. Customers using this service can further improve their approval process by configuring automated routing steps to ensure invoices are immediately delivered directly to the appropriate individuals for approval. With Chrome River CAPTURE, customers can move to 100% electronic invoicing immediately to make remarkable improvements to their accounts payable process.

“Chrome River CAPTURE is another service that we knew would make our customers lives easier.” said Dan Humbert, Product Director of Chrome River Technologies. “With CAPTURE, invoice handling including pre- and post-processing is provided as a secure, outsourced service. Working in combination with Chrome River’s invoice processing software, invoices are securely managed and controlled using your organization’s compliance rules and automated routing to ease process handling through to payment. We’re pleased to offer another service that saves time, money and man-hours as part of a cost management strategy.” Chrome River is committed to keeping their end users happy with continuous enhancements and innovations that impress and make their lives easier. The addition of Chrome River CAPTURE is another enhancement that adds significant value to Chrome River’s expense management product line.