QualitySolicitors Clapham & Collinge has signed a multi-year deal with Peppermint Technology for the Legal Service Platform legal software. The Peppermint Platform will support the firm’s 50 staff at offices in Norwich and Sherringham providing them with applications for practice management, legal accounts, case management, billing and time recording, CRM and marketing, workflow and business process management, reporting and business intelligence, risk management, legal online services and document management.

The Peppermint Platform delivers a holistic approach to legal software. It ensures QS Clapham & Collinge has a single source of data across the entire firm and provides all the firms applications in one place. Of particularly importance to QS Clapham & Collinge is the advanced business intelligence, CRM and marketing tools the firm requires to grow and manage the business.

Tammy Parnell Clapham and CollingeTammy Parnell (pictured) managing partner at QS Clapham & Collinge commented “We are dedicated to customer service excellence and delivering a flexible, efficient and transparent service. By deploying the very latest Peppermint Platform technology we are able to achieve this. There are exciting and challenging times ahead and we now have the people, processes and legal software to make us fit for the future.”