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Client Profiles releases CRM4Legal 2011

Client Profiles has announced today the release of CRM4Legal 2011.  The 2011 version of Client Profiles’ flagship Microsoft Dynamics-based technology brings more than 500 new features (don't worry, we're not going to list them all) and visual enhancements that will help law firms better use the information they have to manage and analyze client relationships. The release of CRM4Legal 2011 comes on the heels of Microsoft’s new
Dynamics CRM 2011, which made its “on premise” debut earlier in the

“This is the most substantial update ever for our CRM software,” said Whit McIsaac, president & CEO of Client Profiles. “The economic recession has led to a very competitive landscape in the legal industry. Practices everywhere are ready for effective CRM technology that gives them access to critical business intelligence that helps improve client service and resource management.”
CRM4 Legal 2011 includes a host of new features in line with Microsoft Office 2010 and lets users easily tailor, manage, visualize and analyze relationships across the firm:
·         Next-Gen Outlook Client: CRM4Legal 2011 provides a true native Outlook experience by taking advantage of the new capabilities in Outlook 2010.  Users can instantly personalize the interface by selecting what fields they want to show in what order within the product.
·         Role Tailored Forms: With CRM4Legal 2011, law firms can easily create forms specific to each individual role that tailor the presentation of the information that is displayed on that form.
·         Real-Time Dashboards: A powerful range of real-time and flexible dashboard capabilities includes pre-built dashboards that firms can use out of the box, customizable dashboards made via point-and-click configuration or the option to bring in outside information.
·         Enhanced Navigation: New navigation capabilities allow users to take advantage of personal views, record pinning and most recently used lists to tailor the navigation to personal needs.
·         Fluent User Interface: New flat user interface minimizes clicks and windows, allowing users to more rapidly and efficiently work with data. Users still have the benefit of the left-hand navigation that allows them to jump to specific items and navigation ribbons change to show the most relevant information and commands.
·         Data Export/Import: Users can now export data to Excel, make changes in that Excel sheet, reimport it via the Data Import Wizard and have those changes automatically incorporated in CRM4Legal 2011.
·         Connections Feature: Firms can quickly and easily define and set-up any relationship they want to track, assign attributes to it and associate individuals to that relationship.
·         Contextual Document Management: Because document management capabilities within CRM4Legal 2011 are based on SharePoint, users can take advantage of custom content types, track changes and version control.
·         Team Management: With the team-based ownership capabilities in CRM4Legal 2011, firms can create team-based records activities or actions, resulting in better collaboration and ultimately in improved execution.
CRM4Legal 2011 is available immediately.

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sounds good but my firm thinks its better waiting for the new app (think its called Peppermint) that comes with integrated case and practice management as it will enable much greater efficiency

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