A leading provider of solutions for eDiscovery and services for the legal profession are seeking a Client Services Director to execute various management tasks.

The successful candidate will act as the primary leader in managing client relationships, overseeing the management and coordination of projects, and the leadership and development of internal teams.

The candidate must possess a professional background in the eDiscovery industry, while having the relevant team leadership skills to manage both project managers and senior project managers.

This is an opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment that offers rewards for success and professionalism. The candidate will be working in a highly effective office that has extensive and ongoing contact with its clients and associates.


Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to:

• Responsible for liaising with C-level individuals and becoming the primary contact in client relationships and project management

• The Client Services Director will coordinate and execute all client deliverables to ensure overall satisfaction

• Establish the most suitable practices that meet a client’s needs by working closely with them and prioritising any foreseeable issues that may arise across projects

• Providing the company with managerial and strategic guidance on the best practices for Client Services and its eDiscovery business units

• The fundamental oversight of Project Managers and their client-based projects

• Develop forecasts and work schedules for Project Managers based on their projects

• The oversight of new team members, providing them with a brief of their project requirements and ensuring their appropriately on-board

• Deliver communication to clients in a proactive manner on a consistent basis

• Provide leadership within a team to develop staff members in a professional manner and allow for growth opportunities within the organisation

• Instil client confidence and become the face of the company’s service delivery offering

• Manage the budget and financial status of projects, while reporting back to a client efficiently


• Thorough knowledge of eDiscovery and litigation support, with the experience of at least 7 years in a management position within a relevant legal field

• Proven experience in leadership and staff development that allows for growth to assume for additional responsibilities

• Evidenced success in managing multiple projects simultaneously

• The ability to provide a confident and executive presence in the form of excellent oral and written communication skills

• Possess excellent client relationship skills that consistently manages client’s expectations, knows their needs and meets their requirements

• A concrete understanding of database design and management, the activities of data processing and legal document review requirements

• A proven and demonstrated ability in ensuring complete control of a project throughout its duration; the oversight of project development plans; the balancing of client requirements in an overall aspect and the reviewing of financial and billing information to ensure deadlines are consistently met


• A Juris Doctorate degree, Masters of Business Administration or a similar degree at an advanced stage in a relevant field (such as business or technology)

• A minimum of five years consulting, litigation support or paralegal experience in a top-tier law firm or consulting firm

• Experience in project client service and team leadership with an e-Discovery professional services firm

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