And here's another Orange Rag exclusive that other zines will be claiming as an exclusive when they republish the story next week…

Clifford Chance LLP, one of the world’s largest law firms with 33 offices in 23 countries and 3200 legal advisers, has deployed IntApp Inc's Wall Builder to manage internal confidentiality controls and track compliance across the firm. The firm is using IntApp Wall Builder to secure its existing Open Text DM5 document
management infrastructure on the ground, as well as Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, as part
of its initiative to leverage the cloud

“We chose Wall Builder because of its broad adoption, its advanced architecture,and IntApp’s vision for integrated information risk management, both on the ground and in the cloud,” said Mark Boggis, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Clifford Chance LLP. “The granularity of control and embedded business process enable us to enforce strict compliance policies whilst meeting exacting client demands and supporting our ISO 27001 certification. We also appreciate the close collaboration between IntApp and Microsoft to align their product visions to best support our specific information risk management and compliance requirements.”

Wall Builder is a web-based confidentiality management application built on standard Microsoft technology. It enables organisations to centrally control, monitor and report on user access permissions across multiple applications including document management, accounting, portal, CRM, time entry and records management systems. It also automates notifications to individuals subject to specific information barriers and tracks acknowledgments for compliance and reporting purposes. The data we hold at the Orange Rag suggests IntApp Wall Builder is the legal sector market leader for 'Chinese Walls' technology.