Themis Solutions Inc, the creator of the Clio a cloud-based case management platform for SME sized legal practices, has launched its services in Europe. The official announcement was released at the American Bar Association (ABA) International Law 2013 autumn meeting in London today. Today’s launch also marks the official opening of its European cloud operations in Dublin, Ireland.

Clio is a web-based practice management tool offering practice management, billing, time tracking and administration for small and medium sized law firms and individual practitioners. The service has about 20,000 users in North America, where the company has been operating for five years. There are no expensive servers to buy or rent and no need for technical staff to customise or maintain the software. Mobile capabilities are further enhanced through the availability of a native iPhone App and mobile portal for smartphones and tablets – and it will run on Apple Macs!

Early adopters of the service in Europe include UK-based Drayson Law, a five person legal practice specialising in commercial contracts. The firm’s founder Charles Drayson says “Clio is a game changer. It’s all online, accessible anywhere and incredibly easy to use. Furthermore, Clio supports our growth and compliance efforts.”

Clio is available worldwide with a choice of data centres in either Europe or the United States. For further information about Clio or to book a demonstration please visit

COMMENT: Interesting that Charles Drayson has signed up for the service as, about 18 months ago, he commented in the Insider that law firms should check their contract with their cloud service provider includes provision to allow the SRA and its agents to obtain information and inspect records and enter third party premises in relation to outsourced services?

UPDATE: We’ve had a number of readers ask about the Clio system’s accounting functionality. Here is how Nagib Tharani, the director of international expansion for Clio, explained the situation…

The main principle that we are aware of is the requirement to separate client funds from the operating account of the firm. In this regard, Clio supports a simple trust ledger to separate out your funds and the ability to generate invoices against it. It also offers full export of this information for accountants to be incorporated into any other system. We also support full sync with an online accounting software package.

One of the key advantages of a product like Clio is that being web-based you can add resources to the application easily, in this case a bookkeeper or legal cashier well versed in the subtle nuances of each region to ensure that funds are always appropriately tagged and allocated. The legal cashiering aspect is often considered a burden by many, so this flexibility has generated significant interest in our system.