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Cobbetts – the legal IT implications

What impact will Cobbetts’ decision yesterday to call in the administrators have on legal IT suppliers? If the firm can survive as an entity then obviously nothing, except probably some cuts in licence numbers. But otherwise, these are the vendors who are going to be impacted the most…

• PMS – Norwel (Norwel still has two other sites in the UK Top 100)

• DMS – HP iManage

• Case Management – not such an issue as most deployments are departmental but the firm currently runs LexisNexis (Visualfiles) + Norwel + Linetime + OpenText BPS

• Digital Dictation – Winscribe

• CRM – Pivotal

• Cost Recovery – Nuance Equitrac

The firm also runs systems from HotDocs, Tikit, Bailey Solutions, IRIS Laserform, DocsCorp & Workshare.