The always excellent Andrew Haslam has produced his annual review of this year’s LegalTech New York event – although as he points out, it has become more of a destination than an event with much of the real business now taking place in nearby hotels, bars and diners than within the Hilton venue. Andrew reckons he spent 40% of his time in meetings away from the Hilton. And yes, the Hilton bar staff are apparently still “as slow, surly and stupified as ever” ! It is also interesting to see that from a delegate list of 7000 people – many of whom were no shows because of the bad weather – some 4500 came from New York and its surrounding burbs.

You can read the full report here Allvision-LegalTech-2014 or here – and we love Andrew’s version of the Maslow Pyramid of Human Needs, which he has revised to include wi-fi!