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Comment: attempts to resurrect awards

Had an interesting report in from a UK vendor marketing honcho saying he had received three approaches in as many days from organisations trying to resurrect a version of the Legal Technology Awards and/or the LOTIES. Apart from the obvious jumping on the bandwagon to take advantage of a perceived hole in the market, what is not always made clear is that if run properly (note the word properly) – awards are potentially huge money-spinners for their organisers. In fact it is an industry in itself.

All of which is great for the organisers – but possibly not so good for the attendees who frequently get hit with tripple dipping… They have to pay to enter for the awards. They have to pay to attend the awards. And they will frequently get hit with sponsoring something – something really useful and meaningful like balloons or an ice sculpture – at the awards. So great fun when times are good (if your idea of fun is sitting in a monkey suit for 4 hours surrounded BOFs*) but not so good in a recession.

* Personal note: I once got trapped by a woman who insisted in showing me her photos of the Auschwitz concentration camp she'd taken on her mobile phone. Needless to say that immediately got me in the party mood.

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Well I think that our industry deserves an awards night – HR, Marketing etc all have theirs! Jeremy did a great job in previous years and and if it can be made simpler and cheaper to reflect the times we are in then I say good luck to whoever takes it on.

Fair comment – tho the magic words are 'simpler & cheaper' – I mean who wants to sit thru endless awards categories for Deputy Knowledge Management Manager for a firm with less than 50 Partners in the Midlands – except deputy knowledge management managers at firms with less than 50 partners in the Midlands?

Surely we don't need awards – in any economic climate actually. Perhaps some people should concentrate on their day jobs rather than spending time on their award submissions.
If it is really necessary, why didn't they just video last year's event, hire a cinema this year, and play it back to the attendees on the big screen at 9.50 per head? It isn't any different year on year. Perhaps a vendor could sponsor the popcorn or 3D glasses.
It is usually the same old same olds who waddle up to pick up the “independently judged” bits of cheap glass anyway, with the same old jokes being told by the same old tubbies and let's not forget the same old drunks rolling around chasing the same old bits of mutton.
Give it a rest for a while.
But if you're a CIO (stop it – you're an IT Manager – get over it) and you need the ego lift because there are no awards handy or you're already over published in whatever Ark Group rag that begs for content or vendor case study, you could always run and pay someone for your name to get on a List to show that you Know something.
That would impress so many people (in your family only).

Lets have an awards night for true innovation in our industry, the winners will have to present something spectacular and unique and really meaningful to the practice of law, not just lots of sales of the same stuff, i mean really knock everyones sox of, it would help shake up the market and generate new ideas and thinking, and therefore progress, and dare i say it, even kick start a little business………….

I've never won anything either, and I completely agree with you. 🙂

If not an awards night per se, then certainly an industry networking evening. A very, very small part of me agrees with Anon at 22:34 but I can largely smell a whole lot of chips frying! I don't think there is any harm in such an event if it is made simpler and cheaper and surely it can't be beyond the wit of man to create an evening thus? I have appreciated them since the LOTIEs were launched.

Personally I think grandiose awards ceremonies are a waste of time, and more often someone else’s money. If someone wants to do something different how about something like an online submission/ web cast. Judging panel could be 20-40 relevant people for each category. E.g. for best legal librarian software have 20 legal librarians vote. Revenue for the prompters of the event could come from online ads etc on the web site and webcasts.
From my point of view beats the hell out of traipsing down to the city to see the usual crowd of people getting wasted on expenses (which I know some poor soul will end up funding).
Any volunteers?

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