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Comment: is the legal IT market SAD ?

Interesting conversation with an IT vendor about the current state of the UK market. The vendor said that his company had enjoyed an OK January in terms of new prospects but then encountered the complete opposite this month (February) with law firms complaining that business was bad, they were worried about the state of the economy etc etc. What struck him as odd was the fact the economy is in no worse state in February than it was in January, prompting him to suggest that perhaps the prolonged winter and bad weather has brought on some kind of market-wide outbreak of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) depression? Perhaps we should invest in vitamin D, melatonin and light therapy lamps?

2 replies on “Comment: is the legal IT market SAD ?”

Perhaps the departmental revenue projections for the next FY are now in and it's not looking good….

One of the Rag's Australian readers has just emailed in to say…
“Not that I want to rub it in, because that would be just cruel and mean spirited and I wouldn’t want to do that.
However, I believe our fair city Melbourne has just recorded nearly 80 days in a row where the temperature has reached at least 20 degrees Centigrade on each of those last 80 days. By the way, that’s plus 20 degrees C, not minus 20 degrees, which I believe the UK has experienced recently.
Then again we do get the other extreme of plus 45 degrees (about 115 degrees plus in the old language) from time to time and that’s not fun.”

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