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Competitions that make you go hmmm…

We've always been fascinated by IT suppliers' competitions and the fact most of them leave you scratching your head thinking “what were these people smoking when they came up with this idea?” The latest vendor to go down this route is the DDS supplier nFlow. For the past 12 months they have been running a promotional campaign around the slogan of 'the grass is greener' – as is in: it's not too late to drop your wonky digital dictation system and switch to nFlow – aided and abetted by some dinky cans of soil and grass seed, so you can grow your own patch of green grass. (Geddit?) Anyway earlier this year someone at nFlow PR Central (that would be Laura) came up with the wizzard wheeze of a competition so people could grow their own grass, decorate it and submit a picture, with the best ones winning a prize. And now we have the winners – I know, contain your excitement.

Winning the prize for the most luxuriant tuft of grass (is there something Freudian going on here) was Debbie Williams of Accuro, while the prize for the most 'amusing' (their word, not ours) lawn went to Marjorie Caballero of Collins Dryland & Thorowgood. You can't quite
see the captions on the picture below but it is a comment on the recent Mills
McCartney divorce. The left caption reads 'Heather', the right 'Macca',
the one at the front 'Fiona' and the one at the back 'Where is the
snake in the grass?' We are speechless…