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Confused by the Cloud – you are in good company

Confused by cloud computing? Here’s some new research statistics plus assistance from the Cloud Industry Forum…

VMware conducted research across seven EMEA countries including the UK. The survey found that:

·       31 per cent of IT budgets are allocated to cloud computing
·       84 per cent of enterprises across EMEA consider cloud computing a priority
·       56 per cent consider cloud a critical or high priority over the next 18 months.

Andy Burton, chair of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), comments: “This research further validates the strength of the cloud proposition and its ability to provide greater flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness to enterprise grade organisations. However, it’s important that, as firms take the plunge into cloud computing, that their migration or adoption of new services is well considered and appropriately managed and that the cloud industry assists this through a commitment to best practice and transparency.

“Organisations face a number of different options when migrating to the cloud and it can often prove difficult to know which service and/or deployment model will best suit the needs of the business. We also recognise  that the cloud won’t be appropriate for 100 per cent of applications, so end-users will need to be clear of their needs and requirements and then ascertain the vendors that best meet those needs.”

To this end, CIF has launched a series of white papers including guides to cloud computing and cloud procurement, which details some of the key factors that organisations must consider before using cloud services. CIF operates the only certified Code of Practice, based upon best practice for Cloud Service Providers with the aim of bringing transparency, regulation, and standards to the sector and to assist end users in determining the core information necessary to enable them to adopt cloud services.

For further information on the CIF Code of Practice or to download the CIF white papers, people can go to the website