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COVID-19 Working Remotely Survey Report

We conducted a survey earlier this year during lockdown to see how you were managing working remotely, and have produced a report of our findings.

Lessons learned from the shift to remote working

The results of Legal IT Insider’s remote working survey show that if we had given the legal sector a crystal ball that COVID-19 was coming, the main thing that both vendors and law firms would have done differently is been better prepared in terms of equipment and hardware. Respondents wished they had already been set up on laptops long before the crisis. Equipment is also the key priority going forward, with an emphasis on the home set up including monitors.

However, with security concerns and the ability to function remotely a continuing and long-term concern, you won’t be surprised to hear that VPN/VDI and bandwidth were top of the list to address after the crisis hit.

In this report, we reveal how IT directors, lawyers and a handful of consultants wish they were better prepared and what they said their focus is post COVID-19.