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CRM software: JMW go with TikitConnect

Insider Top 200-listed Manchester full service law firm JMW has selected TikitConnect as its new CRM platform.

Insider Top 200-listed  Manchester full service law firm JMW has selected TikitConnect as its new CRM platform.

With JMW now witnessing more than 55% of their work coming from existing clients and recommendations, one of the key benchmark of high quality legal service. To help manage their key client data more effectively JMW required a CRM system which was legal specific and suitable for their fast paced and challenging environment. As a non-TFB Partner for Windows user, practice management system (PMS) agnostic TikitConnect was a perfect fit for their firm providing seamless integration with their existing IRIS Videss PMS. Built within Outlook, TikitConnect provided the firm with an intuitive and recognisable user interface to significantly aid user adoption.

Daniel Clark, Director of Marketing, JMW Solicitors LLP said “Having only recently gone to contract with TikitConnect, the whole process from initial contact and subsequent meetings was very refreshing and our expectations were exceeded. Over the course of the last 6 months we have met with numerous prospective suppliers of CRM systems but not one could give us the definitive answer of being able to integrate with our PMS until we met with our dedicated account manager, Sarah Trude from TikitTFB.  TikitTFB’s knowledge of the CRM requirements for law firms, from the Magic Circle to High Street firms, was impressive. TikitConnect ticked all the boxes in terms of our requirements and we very much look forward to working with all the team over the coming months to implement TikitConnect here at JMW Solicitors LLP”.

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Surely they’d of gone for the so called best in class sollution that iris develop?

Seems to me that Tikit have diverted all their energy into their own CRM software after no longer being able to sell IA which they established as the leading system to the Top 100 in the UK. I suspect these TikitConnect wins outside the Top 100 are coming about as they probably have more legal CRM specific knowledge in the UK than anyone else.

Why didn’t they go with something simpler? Didn’t anyone tell them that CRM averages less than 50% adoption rate because most software out there just stinks?

If I were them, I would have gone with Insightly or JobNimbus ( They may not have the same type of focus, but they’d have been much better off than the weeks of training their going to have to go through now.

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