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CRM webinar update

You can now access the recorded version of the webcast, Insider editor Charles Christian hosted earlier this week, on CRM strategies for uncertain times at

If you didn't orginally register for the live webcast, then you will have to register via this link. If you have already done so, just put in your email address and log in.

You can also view it here

• “For the record and on a personal note,” says Charles Christian, “this was a 'live' event so no there were no retakes of scenes or rehearsals and all the dialogue and conversation was unscripted and un-teleprompted. Despite the fact we were filming under spotlamps in a small room, nobody wilted under the heat or the pressure. If you look at the recording, you can see you get a far closer view of the proceedings – and a better quality sound – than you get at some of these 'travel to a hotel in the middle of nowhere for a round table debate' where you also have half the participants' backs to the audience. And you can still have PowerPoint (if you insist). Coming after the digital dictation webinar last week, you have to wonder whether digital events like these spell the end of – or at least a reduction in – the need for traditional conferences and seminars.