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CRM4Legal gets new pricing structure & APAC roadshow

Client Profiles has announced and begun delivery of its new version 4.0 of CRM4Legal CRM software based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The company has also launched a new licensing and pricing model. “One of the challenges that we have experienced in the past involved pricing,” said Whit McIsaac, President & CEO of Client Profiles. “After 8 months of collaboration on this issue, Microsoft and Client Profiles have delivered a pricing model that fits the law firm needs of today – low cost, easy-to-use licensing for attorneys and light users, and comprehensive licensing for power users.”

In addition, Client Profiles will be showing CRM4Legal at the Australian Legal Practice Management Association Conference (Sydney 10-11 October) and in Hong Kong at Excelsior Hotel on 4-6 November.

One reply on “CRM4Legal gets new pricing structure & APAC roadshow”

The Microsoft, CRM4 and Dynamics/AX (and MS products generally) pricing structure is long due for an overhaul … or at least serious transparency for the average law firm… and many other potential MS clients.
A “typical” (non core product /'specialist') MS pricing model for the legal industry is one that no one at Microsoft UK understands, and which initially makes no ROI sense at all in a vertical market, unless you engage via a licencing speciallist.
Even then you are in a 'hall of mirrors' as the licencing specialists do not know the market.
Licensing of many items like CRM4 (non-core MS items) are incomprehensible to (m)anyone in terms of 'cost', in a current market that needs transparency for investment, such as it may be.
If Client Profiles have engendered a pricing model from Microsoft that makes sense for our vertical, then bless 'em … Quite seriously …it only took 8 months. Pretty good.
Microsoft need to make it easier for folks to figure out ROI, because at the moment it is witchcraft, unless you are a trained licensing specialist or on an Enterprise agreement; even then it's damn diffiicult.
In the UK, as far as MS are concerned, and as far as I know, we have no-one who knows our vertical legal market or can assist.

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