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CSI Burgoynes buy SOS

Burgoynes, a scientific and engineering consultancy that specialises in the forensic investigation of fires, explosions, engineering failures and other incidents, has selected SOS Connect from Solicitors Own Software for
streamlined and integrated case, workflow and customer relationship
management. The firm operates from eight offices in the UK and others in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong. As probably the largest such organisation in the UK, the firm has investigated many disasters including the explosion and fire at Buncefield in 2005. The organisation provides expert witness services to the legal, insurance and commercial sectors.

The firm, which was founded in 1968, decided to replace the existing disparate systems used for recording case instructions and marketing with an integrated solution to improve efficiency and client service. Initially the view was that a CRM (customer relationship management) system would best meet the requirement. However as Burgoynes partner Peter Jowett said: “On further examination these systems didn’t really hit the mark. Many of our clients are solicitors so we decided to look at the systems that they use. This led us to SOS Connect.”

Jowett said there were many parallels in Burgoynes’ working practices with those of law firms including taking and recording case instructions, assigning a fee earner to a case, standard business processes, workflows and the use of template letters.  “We chose SOS Connect because we found the software more closely aligned to our business needs than any CRM system, it offered far better value for money as well as the flexibility to create a more tailored solution”. SOS Connect will be rolled out to Burgoynes’ eight UK offices and is expected to be implemented by summer 2010. Burgoynes will then review extending the use of Connect for accounts and other requirements.

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And there was me looking at the title of this article and thinking yet another PMS supplier had been sold.
Looks like a bit longer until you can retire, David.

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