Darbys Solicitors has signed a multi-year contract with Peppermint Technology for its Legal Service Platform.  The deal will see the 200 strong law firm, with offices in Oxford and Manchester, replace its old legacy Advanced Legal AIM practice management and legal accounts system.

Darbys’ vision for the future has software as a critical tool in delivering innovative and competitive legal services. As the use of technology grows exponentially, the firm recognises the only way to keep up with technology advancement, and the business advantage that comes with it, is to invest in an industry Microsoft platform. The strategic decision to partner with Peppermint gives Darbys direct access to the significant investment and engineering power of Microsoft, as well as the legal sector specific customisation from Peppermint. This partnership provides Darbys with the means to ensure the firm has the agility to develop and deliver competitive legal services well in advance of its rivals.

Simon McCrum, Managing Partner at Darbys, commented on the move “It has long been clear that software hugely impacts on our ability to deliver a great, different and consistent experience to clients. At the same time we recognise the speed and breadth of technology acceleration requires a scale of investment that can only be delivered by a technology giant such as Microsoft. The timing of Peppermint’s arrival in the market made them the obvious strategic partner for Darbys. Our partnership with Peppermint allows us to take advantage of the huge investment and functionality found in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform, but in a way that reflects the specific needs of us as a 21st Century legal services provider. Having all the applications on a single platform solves numerous IT integration issues for us, which was costing the business an increasing amount of time and money. Going forward we can now focus our investment on using technology to add value to the business and deliver competitive advantage. It is great fun and tremendously exciting to be working with the Peppermint team on how to change the world.”

COMMENT: With IRIS now part of Vin Murria’s Advanced Legal group and the company committed to reinvesting in some of the platforms (including AIM and Videss) that were allowed to stagnate under the old ownership, it will be interesting to see if Peppermint can continue to pick off IRIS sites – or whether Advanced will start winning back some of the more recent defectors.