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Date set for Lewis Silkin Sharepoint DMS launch

Here's a diary date for next year: Lewis Silkin and Sword will be launching their new Microsoft Sharepoint-based document management system on Thursday 13 January at the firm's Chancery Lane offices. Strictly invitation only but if you contact Terry Coyne at Sword – – he may be able to accommodate you.

Comment: As the new Sword product is called Excalibur, we're not sure if the launch will involve Jan Durant, clad in white samite emerging from a lake clutching a copy of the source-code on a CD (read your Arthurian legends) but we know everyone attending will get the point of this cutting edge technology and chance to evaluate whether it will cut a swathe through the DMS competition. The event starts at 4:00pm sharp. (That's enough sword puns …Ed)

4 replies on “Date set for Lewis Silkin Sharepoint DMS launch”

To paraphrase Michael Palin's character in the movie Monty Python & the Holy Grail “Some watery bint lying around in ponds distributing software is no basis for an enterprise content management system”

She couldn't get her supplier to do what she wanted so did it herself. Fair play to her.
She learnt that developing software is a lot harder than it looks, so has now given it to the professionals. Fair play to her again.
Software vendors don't like what she did because she is not willing to accept their vague and unhelpful roadmaps, or rather lack thereof, and hate the idea that a supposedly captive customer has the temerity to walk away. Which she did. Silly them.
Her opposite numbers at other firms didn't like what she did because they don't have the courage to do it themselves. We can't all be innovators, though, chaps, somebody has to do the leading. Disruptive innovation usually attracts scorn from incumbents – it goes with the territory.
It is a bit sad that this thread already shows signs of degenerating into personal insult. But that's what we all seem to like, innit?
And make no mistake, 5 years from now the legal DMS market will no longer be dominated by Hummingbird and Filesite, but by Microsoft. Most of us will as usual sit on our hands until the early adopters have ironed out the wrinkles, which is a standard strategy, but let's not insult the visionaries who drive this innovation for the rest of us.

Well done Jan, great achievement to produce an inhouse project like this, great job

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