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December Legal IT Insider newsletter out now

The first of our new look newsletters – the Legal IT Insider (December issue 259) – the added-content version of the Legal Technology Insider is out now. Download Here

Our next issue will be out on Wednesday 23 January 2013 – Click here to subscribe and see the full archive


Top stories include:

• Who’s in & who’s out: all December’s wins, deals, swapouts & rollouts in the UK + US + APAC Region including Attwaters dropping IRIS AIM for Peppermint after 15 years + Irwin Mitchell in £1.7 million infrastructure deal

• iManage comes out fighting: Sharepoint is like a Swiss Army Knife – it can do many things but none of them well

• LexisNexis reveals its plans – Streamline gone, Visualfiles back

• Social media – Scottish lawyers say no thanks

• Will the new Jackson reforms cause ebilling duplication?

• US Ediscovery vendors scrambling to sell up & get out of the business

• Pannone hops onto the Purple Frog – no really, it’s a new enterprise search system for Sharepoint

• Apple picking up momentum among North American law firms

• In our comment section Charles Christian says Blackberry has gone the way of the Monty Python parrot

• Latest product launches, upgrades, ediscovery and channel news

• How many passwords does the Greek finance ministry need? Not many as 37% of users have the same 123456 password!