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Diary reminder – LexisNexis conference on Thursday

LexisNexis UK's Practice & Productivity Management Group (that's the Axxia and Visualfiles businesses) is holding its annual user group conference at BMA House, Tavistock Square, London this Thursday (8 October). The event kicks off at 9:30am and ends with a gala dinner that evening. Speakers include senior LexisNexis P&PMG management plus consultant Neil Cameron. Here's the link

11 replies on “Diary reminder – LexisNexis conference on Thursday”

Any LexisNexis event is not to be missed, particularly with expert Neil Cameron in the mix……

on the other hand there is a counter arguement that could be made, particularly with expert Neil Cameron in the mix…..

Sycophancy as an art form is much underrated.
I am not sure I see the point of anonymous brown nosing though.

But which of his 3 well rehearsed presentations will he use. Or is there a new one for 2009

In which case it shows amazing flexibility and a provided a mental image I really didn't need.

Any presentations so there can be a repeat of “midgets presenting awards to midgets” comment from before. I am still LMAO at that ! and I trust that the US folks attending have been introduced to the cricket box for the usual quality time uers spend with the LN vendors !

Not so much “dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants” (nanos gigantum humeris insidentes) – or is that a bit deep for this blog – as “midgets presenting awards to midgets”. Love it. Hey, Charles, can you organise some truly worthless ornaments that we could present?

Who will be providing the entertainment for the evening meal? I've always liked Phil Jupitus …

Its going to be Benny Hill – they've hired a ouija board. It is at the BMA Building afterall, which is the dead centre of Bloomsbury

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