Whilst there’s a popular perception that apps are for a younger generation, leaving greybeards and oldsters to potter on with hardcopy, the latest user statistics for Legal IT Insider’s two apps reveal some surprising data on our reader’s generational grouping and gender.

Nearly half (45%) of readers of our monthly magazine app are Baby Boomers (55+ years), Generation X (35-54) account for just under 40%, with Generation Y (18-34 or Gen C for Connected, according to Nielsen) on 15%.

This contrasts with the age demographics for our Latest News app, with Gen X in the majority with 46.5% of the readership, followed by Gen Y on 35.5% and Baby Boomers on 18%.

On the gender divide, the stats for both apps are almost identical: 75% of our apps users are men and just 25% are women. Feel free to insert your own ‘boys and their toys’ jokes here.