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Dirkzwager first to go with Open Text Sharepoint DMS offering

The Dutch law firm Dirkzwager has become the first legal practice worldwide to sign up for the Legal Information Management Solution (LIMS) – Open Text's new Microsoft Sharepoint-based document management system. After considering both Interwoven Worksite and Handshake Software's own Sharepoint solution, the firm selected Open Text LIMS for an initial proof of concept, before going on to place an order for 250 seats. The deal, including the proof of concept and full implementation, is being handled by Open Text's Benelux partner Timesoft. The project will encompass both document and email management – and also see Open Text being integrated to Dirkzwager's Aderant practice management system.

• In other Open Text news… After several years of running with Open Text (previously Hummingbird) as its DMS platform in London and Interwoven Worksite in New York, Clifford Chance has standardized on Open Text DM as its global document management system and is swapping out Interwoven from all its American offices.

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The CC press release is a masterpiece. Certainly its true that CC have finally rolled out a limited DMS in 2008 (note limited because they have rejected the HB5 email management solution)
However before anyone gets too excited it may be worth looking at this press release,39024643,11015403,00.htm
Legal firm extends document management project By Dominic Maher
Published: 31 January 2000
UK legal firm Clifford Chance has extended its document management software system, installing it on a further 1,100 desktops around the world.
The company already has 3,500 seats of the Hummingbird Communications system installed worldwide, but that will now be extended to various locations including recently merged company Rogers and Wells in New York.
Too be honest if it has taken one of the worlds largest law firm 8 years to roll out a few DMS seats I would not be shouting about it

If that anonymous posting came from Interwoven, then they haven't much to shout about either as I see from that Inter are about to lay off 70 staff.

It has also taken them a week to scrabble around and find a response to this- perhaps PR was the first function to be “streamlined”.

….and they should have checked use of 'to' and 'too' before posting a response

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