eDiscovery vendor DISCO today (3 February) announced the launch of DISCO Case Builder – a suite of case management tools that enables legal teams to store, manage and search their case materials in the next stage of a litigation.

A cloud-based repository, DISCO Case Builder manages and organizes case materials including depositions, pleadings, correspondence, and motions. It assembles and makes searchable all case materials, provides attorneys with the tools to collaboratively work with these files, and rolls these documents and work product into a dashboard.

“Case Builder will be invaluable for cases that involve numerous depositions and discovery beyond documents. It will help us remove manual and paper-based processes, organize depositions and video assets, and streamline collaboration,” said Katherine Charonko, a partner at Bailey & Glasser LLP. “DISCO has created an intuitive solution that will help our legal team work faster and smarter to help our clients win.”

Other vendors to offer this kind of repository include EverChron and Integreon (through its acquisition of Allegory).‍

Additional Case Builder features rolling out in the coming months include:

  • Witness management: a comprehensive repository of detailed witness dossiers, notes on them, and their impact on cases across the organization.
  • Timelines: create timelines that link directly to documents, depositions, and witnesses, and create graphics that can be used at trial.
  • Master file: a central repository for all filings, discovery, documents, depositions, email, and correspondence that lets legal teams quickly find what they need.