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Divorce is the most popular word on the internet

Divorce and related terms were by far the most-searched legal terms during the past 12 months on, the consumer legal website.  According to the website divorce is far and away the single most-searched term by consumers seeking free legal information.  Related terms such as child support and child custody were also among the most popular keywords.

“In today’s society, where approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, divorce filings are a fairly common legal proceeding,” said Stephanie Rahlfs, attorney and editor with “It’s not surprising that there are a lot of people looking for information on what divorce entails, divorce laws as they specifically apply in their state, how the process works, and how they can find an attorney.”

After divorce and related terms, the most-searched terms for legal information over the past year included:

– Curfew
– Marijuana
– Arizona immigration law
– Miranda rights / Miranda v. Arizona
– Statute of limitations
– Power of attorney

“The large number of searches on the topic of marijuana is likely a result of the recent movement in many states to allow for medical use of marijuana, as well as California’s Proposition 19, which proposed decriminalization of marijuana possession in last fall’s election,” said Rahlfs.  “The high level of interest in information on curfews somewhat surprised us.  Apparently, there are many parents and children interested in checking on curfew laws.”

The passage of the controversial immigration law in Arizona in April 2010 has sparked a flurry of activity from people seeking more information online.  Searches for “Arizona immigration law” and “SB 1070” (the original file number of the Arizona Senate bill) were the most-searched keywords over the past year in’s Immigration Law section.