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DLA Phillips Fox NZ switches from Aderant to Elite

Following the recent completition of its merger with DLA, DLA Phillips Fox New Zealand, has selected Elite 3E as its financial and practice management platform. “Our clients have sophisticated requirements and in order to deliver the right outcomes for them, our practice management platform must be tailored to match our business processes and it must be entirely compatible with and talk to DLA Piper's other systems,” said Hugh Caughley, CEO of DLA Phillips Fox New Zealand. “After reviewing 3E it was clear that it could provide for all of today's business requirements out of the box and has a high level of flexibility which ensures we will be able to meet future requirements.” The firm is swapping oput Aderant Expert in favour of Elite 3E.

7 replies on “DLA Phillips Fox NZ switches from Aderant to Elite”

“has selected Elite”. That's funny. Did the NZ firm also “select” the DLA font and logo when they were taken over by the parent company? Looks like the PMS vendors are a little desperate for news.

You and I both know that wherever DLA goes, Elite is sure to follow close behind …CC

That's a little partisan. Capturing a client from your main competitor, and off their current solution would have to be considered a key win for any vendor PMS or otherwise, regardless of the circumstances. And from memory this is the second Expert to 3E switch in the past 6 months. I'd be interested to know what the reasons were, given the rather broad statement from the CEO. Anyone have any more details?

To my memory, there have been several 3E clients migrating to Aderant as well. Looks like more of a war of attrition to me.

I've heard it was due to Expert having to be significantly customised to meet their requirements and the overheads in the long term made their remaining on the platform an unsavory proposition.

Both Expert and 3e will require strong technical skills if heavy-duty use of their workflow solutions is required. Dependence on expensive technical skills (and no matter what vendors say, good technical skills are expensive) will doubtless lead to high cost of ownership with both products if they are customised.

As with all new platforms Elite suffered a number of early adopter losses, but I don't think there's been one of these for a number of years. With 3E now mature I can't imagine a client moving back to an older less advanced solution. Wouldn't make sense to, be it a PMS system, a TV, or any piece of technology. Unless you're really wanting to go retro, like those guys who walk around town with ridiculously large old school headphones on.

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