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DMS – US firm selects an alternative platform

Minneapolis-based law firm Bowman & Brooke has selected Aderant StarLaw and will implement the integrated suite of document, records, and email management applications in its offices nationwide. An Aderant site since 1997, Bowman & Brooke is integrating StarLaw into its technology portfolio to better streamline the creation and management of critical business documents and records.

StarLaw features integrated document, records, and email management functionality and intelligent categorization of information by clients, matters, practice groups, and attorneys. The product has integration with Microsoft Office 2010, enterprise-wide search, and a flexible, easy-to-use interface. In addition, the product also has robust security and auditing functions, universal retention management, and “Grab and Go” support for offline use.

“StarLaw is the one tool I have found that meets the competing needs inside a law firm,” said the firm's CIO Michael Cammack. “It provides ready access to documents and ease of use for attorneys and legal staff. It also provides reliable document ownership to apply retention rules and storage tiers for IT and Record departments and the ability to quickly apply legal holds and collect appropriate materials when required by Risk Management.”