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DocsCorp acquires DocuComp

DocsCorp has announced the acquisition of US based redlining software specialist DocuComp. DocsCorp say that with this acquisition they have gained access to the most mature and sophisticated text comparison technology in the software industry. DocuComp was first introduced in 1988 and its core comparison algorithm was awarded a groundbreaking patent in 1989 for its ability to accurately identify fine-grain text changes in documents of any length or complexity.

The acquisition of the DocuComp algorithms and technologies will enable DocsCorp to build on the success of its own document comparison solution (pdfDocs compareDocs) released in late 2007. It also underscores DocsCorp's commitment and resolve to develop a leading-edge comparison tool for those seeking an alternative desktop or server-side solution.

Editors note: after the demise of CompareRite redlining system, DocuComp was the only serious competitor for Workshare's DeltaView software.