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DPS Software buys Access Legal Systems

And time now for another acquisition – this time it is DPS Software which today announced it has agreed to take over the development and maintenance, support services, sales and ongoing training duties of Access Legal Systems. The Access operation, which will now be known as DPS-Access, will retain its current staff, with the exception of managing director George Fowler who is retiring. The deal brings the total number of DPS + Access accounts/PMS sites to around 200, while the total customer base of the enlarged DPS group is now around 600 organisations.

Along with providing Access customers with the same level of service they have previously enjoyed, the new business will continue to support both the Access accounts/practice management system and those (relatively few) customers who use the Access case management software. Osman Ismail, managing director of DPS Software commented, “This is great news for both Access and DPS clients. DPS have acquired a terrific product, which is supported by an excellent team of staff. We are committed to supporting the development of the product and staff alike. The client overlap is negligible and increases our client base, adding over 100 quality clients who are predominantly accounts users.”

Scott Ridley, the technical dDirector at DPS added: “We have a strong development plan and software platform, which means that we can support Access customers and their software, providing them with a host of valuable benefits. Access customers now have access to products which allow them to use their existing software inside Microsoft Outlook. We have already published our intentions for the development of the Access accounts product range and the integration of these products with the DPS Outlook Office suite of software. We have already converted Outlook Office so that any Access user that wants to view ledger cards from inside Outlook can do so. Access fee earners will also have the option to issue cheque and billing requests from inside Outlook and the main databases for these products have been integrated early on in this process. This is very comforting for all users as they now have a continued and strong development path.”