legal_accounting_software_white_paperDPS Software has released a new white paper focused on the importance of legal accounting software for law firms and ABSs. Amongst the various issues covered, the paper highlights the connection between next-generation legal accounts software and profitability, explaining why and how this product helps legal cashiers manage their firm’s liquidities better.

The white paper was launched to guide law firms through the decision-making process involved in selecting the right product for their requirements. Given the software’s potential to improve or hinder a firm’s ability to manage its financial resources, this decision should not be taken lightly and should be guided by objective, clearly identified criteria.

DPS’s white paper will assist those firms looking to upgrade or change their legal accounting software in selecting a future-proof solution that will serve the needs of their Accounts department, now and in the future. 
The document helps its readers choose the right accounting software for their firms and presents the connection that can be established between a firm’s fee earning and accounting functions. 
The white paper also stresses out the financial transparency created by this tighter collaboration as well as the critical management information that such a product should offer.

The white paper also quotes the results of recent studies highlighting the business side of a law firm and the views expressed by industry members, all supporting the idea that a firm’s management cannot afford to lose touch with their money. The document also includes an overview of DPS’s latest legal accounts product – Financial Director – launched last year.

The document can be downloaded for free from DPS website