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Draft PISCES schema for search order processing

PISCES has announced the publication of the first draft of the Search Order Processing and Result Query schemas from the Searches Workgroup. These schemas are now open for public review and pilot purposes. The schemas will enable organisations to exchange query information once a search order has been submitted as well as enable parties to raise queries following delivery of the Search report. During the development process the Workgroup benefited from the direct participation and support of the Water Companies.

The open Search Processing and Result Query Draft Standard, with all supporting documentation can be downloaded, for no charge, from the PISCES Workgroup website by clicking on the link below:

PISCES wants all members and non-members to review the schemas produced, provide feedback regarding their content and inform the Pisces team whether they would like to participate during the Pilot stage. The Searches Workgroup has already identified a number of organisations willing to pilot this publication but we wish to extend this invitation to all other PISCES members and the industry as a whole that might wish to get involved.

• If you wish to register your interest in running a pilot please email to confirming the organisation/s you wish to pilot with and the specific schema/s that you intend to exchange. All the queries regarding the schemas and feedback on the content can be submitted to Pisces by using the same email address.