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Dutch systems house claims Sharepoint DMS first

Dutch systems house Epona has just announced DMS4Legal – what  it claims to be “the world’s first document management system for legal professionals powered by Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.” DMS4Legal usesSharePoint as a document and email management system which the company says competes with current industry leaders. (That'll be Open Text and Autonomy iManage then.)

Although there are at least two other products out there making similar claims, Jaap van Vliet says “Epona’s true MAPI integration with Microsoft Outlook further extends DSM4Legal’s capabilities, functioning the way lawyers want it to by supporting drag and drop filing of email messages and auto filing of incoming messages.” He also adds that Epona has MAPI integration and is based on Sharepoint 10 whereas the competitor products are not. “Furthermore we have an integration with Aderant Expert and Elite allowing automated electronic matter creation.”

• In a related development, Epona and and another European systems house Timesoft – have formed a joint venture to operate in the United States. Called Accola, the company is based in Atlanta, GA, and will focus on Aderant Expert PMS implementation projects in small-to-mid-size firms plus Epona’s own ContactManager CRM system.

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We are concerned about the accuracy of this announcement.
Not only are there existing products that offer DMS on MS SharePoint, these are indeed certified with 2010, and also offer deep MS Outlook integration via “drag and drop filing of email messages”.
There are also real life examples of these being successfully deployed and “live” across groups of private practice and in-house lawyers. We can validate this as we've worked with clients on the selection and implementation of some of them.
It may indeed be the “first document management system for legal professionals”, but that is simply saying that they are only marketing the platform to lawyers, rather than having a platform that can be deployed (and has been tested and developed) across wider industries.
Would be interesting to see this one up and running in a firm, and to speak to the lawyers about their adoption levels. Irrespective of the marketing, we wish them all the best and embrace the new entries into that specific market.

Any guesses who will be the LAST supplier to announce a “Sharepoint DMS”?

Ummm, Open Text released its Legal Information Management (LIM) product in 2008. It is a complete document management system based on SharePoint specifically targeted at the legal market…hence the product name!

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