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DWF expands its Visualfiles case management

DWF LLP has selected LexisNexis Visualfiles as its practice-wide case management system and will be integrated with the firm's Elite 3E PMS, InterAction CRM and Autonomy iManage DMS.

LexisNexis is providing DWF with a site-wide licence for Visualfiles that will see the software deployed on 900 desktops across the firm’s locations in Liverpool, Leeds, London, Manchester and Preston.

DWF has been using Visualfiles in its insurance business for some years but the decision has now been made to roll it out practice-wide. In addition, DWF has secured preferential access to all new Visualfiles products (including we, assume, the upcoming Manilla/Streamline product) over the period of the deal.

10 replies on “DWF expands its Visualfiles case management”

A good win for Visualfiles, Streamline is ready to roll out from what I have heard, expect LN to win some deals soon.

Charles I believe InterAction is CRM (customer relationship management system) not DMS (document management system).

That's what he said CRM = Interaction; DMs =Autonomy iManage.
Why you no risten?

Rumour has it that they have also just signed a major dna deal too. if true it looks like their strategy of bringing in good software people is starting to make a difference.

Not sure what this remark refers to as DWF went with Elite rather than DNA – tho there are a couple of mid-size Irish firms that have just gone live with DNA …Charles Christian

The main thing is that Visual Files, Interaction and Axxia DNA are all LexisNexis products so they are in safe hands with the leading brand for Legal software and services, DWF are clearly well advised and making good, sound decsions on their information strategy

And an example of this sound policy is rejecting Axxia DNA in favour of Elite 3E ?

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