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E-billing, costs, Jackson, litigation, recording time the UTBMS way

Bryan King who, many of you will know, was for many years Clifford Chance's main man in the world of e-billing, was recently asked to advise an Association of Cost Lawyers (ACL) working group on aspects of how e-billing standards and technology could be introduced in the wake of Lord Justice Jackson's review of civil litigation in 2009. The group has now publishing its Modernising Bills of Costs report (see attached PDF) which makes a series of recommendations ā€“ one of which is to introduce some aspects of e-billing to civil litigation.

As e-billing has gained huge momentum in the billing process between law firms and corporate clients, one aspect of the report's proposals is that law firms working in this area should begin to think about recording time along the lines of the UTBMS phase, task and activity codes and producing billing data in a LEDES type file format. King says “Even though this is a medium term goal I believe that many firms will have to start thinking about these issues and looking at how their PMS can be upgraded.”

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I have said for some time that law firms would benefit from this type of structured reporting around time entry. The resulting data would be very interesting from a law firm management point of view and would help with future matter planning
Many mid tier time and billing solutions in the UK cannot handle the capture of time entries with phase and task codes so Iā€™d be interested in talking to any firm about bolting on our smart time product in order to give them UTBMS ability.

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