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E-Conveyancing revolution set to be called off

In the latest (January) edition of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter (which should be hitting most desktops later today) we report on the in-fighting between the Inland Revenue and the Land Registry over the future of e-conveyancing in the UK.

One of our moles, who gets to sit in on HMRC/SDLT committee meetings reports that at their meeting this Monday, it became apparent the agency is strapped for cash and that very little new development work can be expected in the coming months. It also appears the Land Registry has failed, at least for the time being, in its plans to become the dominant player in the e-conveyancing market. I fact even their beloved Chain Matrix project is being delayed – which possibly explains why the pilot project never handled integration with case management systems. Although another explanation is that the Land Registry was unaware of how widespread the use of case management software is in the conveyancing process.

HMRC has also released its report looking into why there has been such a slow take up of online filing (see attached document) – which can basically be summarised as Government Gateway registration is a pain.

One reply on “E-Conveyancing revolution set to be called off”

Your view that the e-conveyancing revolution is set to be called off couldn't be further from the truth.
Although Lang Registry's priorities for 2008 and 2009 are to refresh our existing electronic services and to focus on delivery of electronic discharges and transfers of land, finding a solution to improve chain transparecy remains very much part of our longer term plans for e-conveyancing.
We continue to work closely with HMRC on the development of the SDLT component of e-conveyancing and the scope of the necessary IT work is already well underway in respect of this.
And finally, extensive market research into our customers' use of case management software has clearly identified the requirement for users to lodge these standard applications directly from their own systems. We remain convinced that this approach will bring massive benefit to the to the thousands of Land Registry customers who currently lodge paper applications.
Christine Beech
Business Transformation
Land Registry

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