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E-discovery & litigation support news round-up

Time for another round-up of e-discovery/e-disclosure and litigation support news…

New e-discovery blog
ZyLAB has launched a new blog called eDiscovery and Information Management that can be found at Topics already covered include How to prepare for Litigation and Early Case Assessment and become Litigation Ready? and From Litigation Response to Litigation Readiness!

New version of iBlaze from CT
CT Summation has announced the general availability of iBlaze 3.0, the next generation of its flagship product that improves the speed and accuracy of electronic document management and production processes. Click on the attached Powerpoint to learn more about this system.

Hobs Legal to launch new litigation software
London-based Hobs Legal Docs is to be the first European provider of a new Early Case Assessment system, currently being developed in the USA. The specialist litigation software, which will be officially launched at LegalTech New York next month, will be able to “quickly and efficiently ingest huge volumes of electronic data allowing for early review or cull”. Terry Harrison, Hobs Legal's managing director, said the new software coincides with a £150k investment in new IT infrastructure at the company to “significantly improve” EDD processing and the amount of onsite data storage.

Planet Data launching Exego at LegalTech NY
Planet Data, a provider of defensible, high quality and cost-effective discovery management services, has announced the launch of Exego, a proprietary web-based early case assessment platform designed to provide clients a cost-effective advantage in managing large volumes of ESI data. The company says Exego distinguishes itself as a true workflow platform as part of the Cerulean Engine. The benefit to the client is defensibility, chain of custody and quality are part of one process, insuring that data is processed correctly. The system will be receiving its first public demonstrations at LegalTech New York next month.

Guidance Software announces EnCase v4.0
Guidance Software has announced Version 4 of its EnCase eDiscovery system including: Legal Hold, Pre-collection Analytics, Identification, Preservation & Collection, Processing, Analysis & Early Case Assessment and First-Pass Review. The company says that rather than trying to integrate incompatible point solutions for each discrete step in the electronic discovery process – and trying to train users on, and transfer information from, point solution to point solution – with Version 4 of EnCase eDiscovery organizations have a single, fully integrated solution that maintains and protects case and custodian data throughout the process, thereby reducing risk and lowering costs.